Real Estate Law

There are many types of real estate environments, and many types of real estate attorneys. If you’re involved or interested in getting involved in real estate in White Plains, New York, you’re going to need a specific type of real estate attorney.

Firstly, you should look for an attorney who has many years of experience working specifically in White Plains. You will want to find a seasoned, knowledgeable real estate attorney who is well-versed in the unique qualities, features, and rules (both official and unofficial) of the White Plains and Westchester County legal and real estate landscapes.

White Plains real estate is incredibly valuable, as is real estate in greater Westchester County. It’s important to keep this in mind when considering what sort of attorney would be best-suited to handling your White Plains real estate transaction or legal matter. Put simply, this is the big leagues, and choosing a veteran rather than a rookie makes all the difference.

Since 1998, Attorney Glen A. Kurtis has experience practicing real estate law specifically in White Plains and Westchester County. He brings those many years of experience to the table for his clients, who can rest assured that their case rests in well-practiced, capable, and highly competent hands. During more than two decades of practice, Attorney Kurtis has developed a deep knowledge and understanding of how to best represent his clients in the fiercely competitive, high-stakes White Plains real estate market.

Attorney Kurtis has widespread, varied experience in real estate law, working on both real estate deals/transactions (representing buyers and sellers) and legal matters or legal disputes (representing both plaintiffs and defendants). He knows what it takes to build a viable case, and to persuasively negotiate on his clients’ behalf. In addition to his many years of experience, Attorney Kurtis prides himself on being meticulous and exacting, holding himself personally responsible for the success of each client.

Furthermore, if you hire attorney Attorney Kurtis, you will get Attorney Kurtis at every step of the way in your case. Attorney Kurtis takes the time to review, revise, and negotiate all contracts and transactions—as well as to build and argue all of his cases—himself. He believes in boutique, personalized service rather than delegation and outsourcing, and his many satisfied clients can attest to the difference it makes.

Attorney Kurtis offers a full suite of White Plains real estate services, including:

  • Purchase and sale of houses and homes
  • Condominium representation
  • Co-op representation
  • Landlord and tenant matters
  • Security deposit negotiation and conflicts
  • Eviction proceedings and eviction consultation
  • Real estate litigation
  • Lease drafting and negotiation
  • Construction litigation
  • Property damage cases
  • Borrower/refinance negotiation
  • Deed transfers

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