What Is Commercial Litigation?

In my commercial litigation practice I assist clients with setting up various business entities. Such as corporations, LLP, LLC, P.C., PLLCs and partnerships. I also handle commercial litigation which can involve simple collection matters to complex multiparty litigation.

What Are The Most Common Reasons Businesses End Up In Commercial Litigation?

Litigation occurs when parties have a dispute which they can’t resolve without court intervention. It can be from simply failing to pay what is owed on a bill to a disagreement as to property or contract rights.

Who Do You Represent In These Cases?

In my commercial litigation practice I represent both plaintiffs and defendants.

Do You Work With Both Small And Large Businesses?

Yes. I represent the sole proprietor to the small company to the larger multi shareholder corporation.

If I Suspect I Will Be Sued, Should I Contact An Attorney Beforehand? What Will That Do For My Case?

It is always best to be in contact with an attorney as soon as you feel there is a legal dispute or someone will or needs to be sued.

I Am Now Being Sued, What Are The Steps I Should Take To Protect My Company?

This depends on the case and the nature of the dispute. A qualified attorney, such as myself can advise you on the specifics of your case.

What Are Some Alternatives To Litigation?

There are a few alternatives to full litigation. One is called mediation where the parties attempt to settle the dispute with a disinterested mediator. The other is arbitration where the party submits a truncated case to an arbitrator for a faster decision. I have experience with both of these mechanisms.

Do I Always Need An Attorney To Represent Me In These Cases Or Should I Try And Go It Alone?

If the party sued is a separate entity, such as a corporation or LLC you will require an attorney. If the business was a sole proprietorship you can proceed without an attorney but this is not something I would recommend to anyone.

What Are Ways I Can Protect My Business From Lawsuits?

One way is to clearly make sure your agreements are in writing and that every party understands them and agrees to their terms. You also want to ensure you fulfill all of the businesses obligations under those contracts.

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