Business owners who have offered a valuable product or service to a customer have the right to be paid for their work. When a client does not pay for any reason, it can be highly irritating and detrimental to the business. For commercial debt collection services in New York, contact a White Plains collections attorney you can trust.

At Glen A. Kurtis, P.C., we thoroughly understand the position this puts your business in. We have been providing collections services to businesses in New York since 1998. Our collections practice is designed to present business owners with efficient and beneficial solutions. Usually, claims can be resolved without the need for a lawsuit, but we are ready if you need representation in court.

Business owners can rely on us for their collections requirements. Not only do we have the capability to execute standard collection activities, but we are also proficient in safeguarding creditors’ rights in bankruptcy court.

Having a well-defined contract that outlines the respective duties and rights of those participating in a commercial transaction can help prevent numerous collection disagreements. Our knowledgeable and licensed business attorney in New York is also available to assist you with drafting or examining any contracts you require.

A contract that is correctly composed can help to prevent any potential disputes in the future. It is important to include clauses that relate to what has been clearly specified in the agreement between your business and your customer regarding things like:

  • Outstanding bills
  • Estimation of expenses for collection
  • Obligation of debtors to remunerate lawyers’ fees

Our firm provides experienced legal help for commercial collections. We are committed to making sure your business receives what you are owed. We are conveniently located in White Plains and serve businesses all over New York. When you need assistance with commercial debt collection, contact one of the best White Plains collections attorneys, Glen A. Kurtis, P.C.