Slip and Fall

When you are in a department store or the grocery store, you probably expect the property owners to keep the store clean and safe. However, if you’ve been injured from defective stairs or have fallen due to negligence in cleaning up a spill, you know that isn’t always the case. At my law firm, Glen A. Kurtis, P.C., I represent clients who suffered injuries due to another person’s negligence. I have been practicing as a slip and fall attorney in White Plains, NY since 1998.

I know it can be frustrating to work with some professionals after an injury. That will not be your experience with me or with the New York slip and fall lawyers at my office. I will communicate with you throughout the legal process, outline your case and treatment options and will deal with the insurance companies for you. Contact me or call (914) 686-3171 to schedule your free initial consultation and talk with our White Plains slip and fall lawyers.


Although some injuries are merely accidents, most accidents are preventable. I work with clients to hold the appropriate parties accountable for the injuries their negligence caused. Premise liability covers a range of accident-causing situations. Here’s the top 3 most common causes of injuries:

Top 1. Structural Hazards

  • Defective stairs or missing handrails that contribute to falls.
  • Uneven concrete or other tripping hazards.

Top 2. Property Maintenance Failures

  • Neglected snow and ice removal in walkways, driveways, or parking lots.
  • Improperly marked or damaged curbs creating risks for pedestrians and vehicles.

Top 3. Supermarket Negligence

  • Defective ramps posing dangers to shoppers.
  • Liquid spills or food debris left unaddressed, leading to slip-and-fall accidents.


It is frustrating that another person’s negligence caused your injury, but that doesn’t make your pain disappear. I represent clients whose injuries include things such as:

  • Scarring
  • Fractures
  • Lacerations
  • Back injuries such as herniated discs

Your Rights as a Slip and Fall Victim in NY

New York follows comparative negligence rules. This is important because even if you were partially at fault for the accident, you might still be able to recover compensation. However, the amount you receive could be reduced based on your percentage of fault. I’ll carefully evaluate the details of your case to determine the best way to present your claim and maximize your potential compensation.

More importantly, time is of the essence. New York has a three-year statute of limitations for most slip and fall cases, meaning you have three years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit. In some situations, the deadline may be even shorter.  It’s crucial to consult with me as soon as possible to protect your rights and ensure all legal options are on the table.

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident due to someone else’s negligence, New York law grants you specific rights:

Right to Seek Compensation

You can pursue damages for a variety of losses, including:

  • Medical expenses (current and future)
  • Lost wages and reduced earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Permanent disability or disfigurement

Right to Legal Representation

You have the right to select a lawyer who’s experienced in slip and fall cases to represent your interests. My job is to navigate the legal system on your behalf, negotiate with insurance companies to fight for a fair settlement, and build a strong case that protects your rights.

Right to File a Lawsuit

While many cases settle out of court, you have the right to take your case to trial if a fair settlement cannot be reached. As your slip and fall attorney, I will advise you on the best course of action.

My Role as Your Advocate

When you’ve been injured due to negligence on someone else’s property, I’m here to fight for your rights. I’ll handle the legal complexities of your case, allowing you to focus on healing. Here’s what I can do:

  • Investigate thoroughly. I’ll dig into the details—photos, witness accounts, records—to figure out what happened and who’s responsible for your fall.
  • Prove the accident was preventable. Negligence is at the core of slip and fall cases. I’ll show how proper care could have avoided your injury.
  • Evaluate the full cost. Injuries go beyond medical bills. I’ll factor in lost wages, future expenses, and the total impact on your life
  • Handle the legal battle. Insurance companies, paperwork, even court – I take on that burden so you can focus on recovery.
  • Fight for what you deserve. I’m your advocate, working tirelessly to secure fair compensation for everything you’ve been through.


After a slip and fall or trip and fall injury, it is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Meet with some Westchester County Slip and Fall Lawyers in your area and then choose a good one. Waiting to contact an attorney gives the other party time to repair whatever caused your injury. To schedule your free initial consultation, please contact me or call (914) 686-3171. I work on a contingency basis, so you don’t pay anything unless I make a recovery. Costs disbursed until the conclusion of your case.