What Types Of Vehicles Are Involved In Trucking Accidents?

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A trucking accident could be anything from a cargo van to an 18 wheeler, construction vehicles such as a dump truck, sometimes a backhoe or similar vehicle is licensed and is driven on the road at times.

Are These Vehicles Subject To Different Regulations And Law? If So, What Are They?

A long haul trucker is subject to certain regulations as far as how long they can drive in a certain day and how many hours they can be on the road without a break. These issues sometimes do impact the liability in a case.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of These Accidents?

The most common causes of trucking accidents as far as long-haul trucking is driver fatigue. Sometimes trucking companies push the envelope and have drivers drive more than they are allowed to under the law. Obviously, fatigue, carelessness, negligence all become factors in a case where there’s an accident.

What Evidence Is Important To Preserve At The Scene Of A Trucking Accident?

It’s always best to preserve as much evidence as possible as quickly as possible after an accident. Now with cell phones being able to take pictures, record statements and things of that nature, it’s very easy to preserve this evidence. The worst-case scenario, as an attorney, if it’s not helpful, I don’t disclose it and I don’t use it and I can gather my own evidence but sometimes it is helpful. This material should be preserved as much as possible.

How Important Is An Accident Reconstructionist In These Cases? How Often Are They Used?

An accident reconstructionist will basically re-create the accident and how it happened and sometimes they will be experts and point to certain elements of the accident that could’ve been or should have been done differently by the defendant’s which would have avoided the accident or minimized the damages that were incurred in the accident.

What Is The Timeframe I Have To File A Suit In A Trucking Accident?

An auto accident like any other personal injury accident in the state of New York is subject to a three-year statute of limitations from the date of the accident.

Who Are All Possible Liable Parties For An Accident Involving A Truck?

When I represent a client in an automobile or trucking accident generally the owner of the truck gets named sometimes the employer as well if it’s a separate entity and obviously the driver of the vehicle would be named in the action too.

Can I Also Sue The Driver Of The Vehicle Separately?

It’s always generally best to bring in all the parties that may be liable in an action at one time and under one index number. If this is not done for some reason the driver can be sued in a separate action but most likely that action will be combined with the others anyway.

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