What Types Of Injuries Are Sustained In Commercial Vehicle Accidents?

It’s hard to tell which injuries you might see in a trucking accident. It could be lacerations from broken glass, fractures, amputation of a limb, burns, neck and back injuries, or worse.

Who Can Be Held Liable For A Commercial Vehicle Accident In New York?

Anyone in New York who is the operator of the vehicle or the owner of the vehicle can be held liable in an auto accident. When you file a claim, you sue the registered owner on the police report and the operator of the vehicle, which would be the driver or the company that you are suing. Sometimes, they will have what’s called medical pay, where they’ll pay the medical bills during the pendency of the action. Typically, your no-fault insurance company will cover medical bills that result from an auto accident.

How Much Compensation Can I Receive In A Commercial Vehicle Accident?

The amount of compensation that you might receive in a tractor trailer or a trucking accident is the same as any personal injury accident and it depends on two factors. First, what the negligence was and second, if there was any contributory negligence. Obviously, the more serious an injury, the more compensation a person would receive to compensate them for those injuries.

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