What Should I Do If I Have Been Injured In An Auto Accident?

The first thing you need after being injured is to file a no-fault application with your own insurance company. New York is a no-fault state and you’ll need to file a no-fault application within 30 days of the accident. After that, if there’s a medical treatment that needs to be followed up on, you need to do that. Then, it should be in the hands of a qualified attorney to start the claim. That would involve putting the other insurance carrier on notice, collecting witness statements, collecting photographs, and a filing the claim with the insurance company. As far as the resolution is concerned, the next step is filing a summons and a complaint against the defendants who were negligent in the case.

What Is Fault? How Does It Impact My Auto Injury Case?

Fault is a factor in any personal injury. Sometimes, it can be figured as one hundred percent fault on a party. For instance, if you’re at a stop sign and somebody rear ends you, you have no fault. Sometimes one car is at fault in some percentage and the other car is at fault in another percentage. That will impact the recovery in the case. It’s called contributory negligence and your recovery will be reduced by whichever percentage of fault you hold in your own injuries.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Funds After A Settlement Is Reached?

After the closing documents are signed and exchanged, it generally takes a couple of weeks before the attorney can put the check into his escrow account and write a check to the plaintiff for their share of the recovery.

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