What Areas Of Business Law Does Your Firm Help Clients With?

I help business law clients with various types of litigation, formation or contractual issues. I can help clients set up their initial company with a partnership agreement, whether that’s with an LLC, LLP, general corporation or an S Corporation. I explain all the different options and the benefits of each. Sometimes I assist clients with custom agreements, obtaining collections of money owed to the company, or with fully litigating business disputes between partners, shareholders, vendors, etc.

Do You Work With Both Small And Large Businesses?

I work with all different sizes of businesses, from a one person sole proprietor, individual shareholder corporations to larger corporations with multiple shareholders.

What Are The Common Business Dispute Matters That You Typically See?

The most common business dispute is a simple collection matter whereby a client or a customer has not paid what they owe to a business. I also litigate disputes between partners, vendors, suppliers or shareholders in businesses.

What Are The Important Things You Consider When You Help A Client Form Their Own Business?

When discussing the formation of a new entity, I take into consideration the goals of the client and the type of business they are engaged in. Specifically, I take into consideration whether it’s a national or international trade and whether or not it’s limiting personal liabilities or tax liabilities. All of these factors come into play when deciding what business entity to create.

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