How Are Motorcycle Wrecks Different From Auto Accidents?

The general difference that I see in motorcycle accidents versus regular car accidents is not the negligence of the drivers, but the seriousness of the injuries that are sustained. Cars have been getting safer over the years and serious injuries, as a result, have gone down. But, for someone on a motorcycle in an accident, injuries are often very serious and the recovery, as a result, is typically higher because of the seriousness of the injuries.

How Do You Determine The Viability Of a Motorcycle Accident Claim?

I look for the same three things in a motorcycle case that I look for in any personal injury case. I find out whether there was negligence, whether there was an actual injury, and whether there is insurance coverage or assets to go after.

How Does It Affect My Motorcycle Accident Claim If I Was Not Wearing A Helmet Or Other Safety Gear?

Not wearing a helmet will impact on the recovery of the parties because failing to wear safety devices is a contributing factor to an injury. The recovery will be reduced due to contributory negligence.

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