Are Future Medical Expenses Accounted For In A Settlement Offer?

Are Future Medical Expenses Accounted For In A Settlement OfferGenerally, once a settlement is reached, the defendants are completely absolved from any ramifications of that accident. There are certain very particular instances where you can avoid this release if there are unknown injuries at the time that the release was entered into. However, normally that is not the case. Usually, once you sign a release and receive money from the settlement, you no longer have an opportunity to go after the defendant for injuries related to that accident.

How Are Personal Injury Settlement Amounts Actually Calculated?

There is no formula for the calculation of the value of a case. It’s just knowledge and experience. Certain injuries have certain ranges of monetary values. You can look up what other juries have awarded similar injuries in different cases in what’s called a jury verdict reporter. Nevertheless, it’s an attorney’s job to try to maximize the recovery in any case.

How Are Personal Injury Settlements Generally Paid Out?

There are a couple of different ways to pay a settlement. Generally, one lump sum is paid to an escrow account and is distributed to the client and the attorney from there. Sometimes, if the person who was injured is a minor, a structured settlement, which is an annuity, will be funded through the settlement. This provides better returns than a regular savings account. The minor cannot access the money until they are 18 years old, at which point the sum of money will have grown due to the higher investment return.

How Is An Attorney Compensated From My Settlement?

Generally, compensation comes in one check to both the attorney and the client, which gets executed and placed into the attorney’s trust account. Then the attorney writes one check directly to the client, and one to the law firm.

Are There Any Things That Can Limit Or Minimize My Settlement In A Personal Injury Case?

There are certain factors that affect the value of a case and one is liability. If the majority of fault is on the plaintiff, that is going to affect the value of the case. The other part is, what was the injury that resulted from the negligent act? If the injured party received a minor injury and saw a doctor one time, there is not much of a case. If the injured party had extensive surgery and hospitalization, and there could be lifelong ramifications from the accident, that is going to impact the value of the case.

What Are Some Things I Can Do To Assist My Attorney In Getting The Best Possible Settlement?

Getting the best possible value out of your case involves good communication, which means being honest with your attorney. The next thing you can do is to provide your attorney with all the information about your case. Gather witnesses, medical records, and anything else your attorney may need to investigate the case as quickly as possible. Also, continue with your medical treatment if that’s what is warranted in your case. Often clients get a course of treatment prescribed and then discontinue when they tire of going to appointments. That will affect the value of the case, as those treatments and medical records help evaluate the case and the injuries that you sustained.

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